About Multicast

Multicast started producing Rural Electronics in 1994 in Boulder Colorado with members Dave Alexander, Nathan Jantz and Jeff Holland often performing outdoor chillout spaces and provided the warm sunrise vibe as the night tuned into day.  The band formed the Obliq Recordings record label in 1996 and produced under Multicast, Freq Modif, Ted Sturgeon, Crix Madine, Replicast and Chillout Enforcement Crew on vinyl and digital formats.  Around mid-2000s Nathan left Multicast to focus on projects Normal Ones, L’Astra Cosmo and nuuun.  Multicast’s music is currently released on Carpe Sonum Records and Obliq Recordings.    

Multicast’s music has always defied genre, fitting somewhere in-between IDM, acid, psychedelic, western, mid-eastern, cinematic and ambient constructed with an arsenal of synthesizers, efx and electric stringed instruments.  Growing up preferring live Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk concerts over studio albums, Multicast shares a similar impromptu vibe in their approach.  Multicast et al has released 9 albums, many EPs, singles and remixes so far with the latest being Travelogue in 2023.  If you’re likeminded, we’d love to hear from you!