Chillout Enforcement Crew debut

Obliq Recordings proudly announces the second release of 2017, this time right before the deadline.  Chillout Enforcement Crew does exactly what they advertise, ensure you are going nowhere for a while.  CEC hit the Denver scene starting in 2017 with performances at the White Whale Room @ Alameda Station.  CEC then played Lunar Lodge, finally Syndrome @ Thee Haus Ov Where.  During these freestyle sessions was recorded Jazz, Fusion, Electronics, Drone, Noise vibes.  Don’t forget the Acid…

Chillout Enforcement Crew’s debut release Acid LuAu  is an excursion into Polynesian party games with a Devilfish.  For a limited time only, until it sells out, Obliq Recordings OBQ-17 presents an 8″ floppy diskette with a 7″ square plastic picture disk record included.  The track is Acid LuAu.  The digital download bonus is Acid Fusion, which is a faster paced crazy excursion into Jazz, Funk, Techno and Acid; keep your mind occupied as the fusion fission radiates.  The digital album is name your price (free if you choose), the analog record is VERY limited, so check bandcamp now!

Check out the soundtrack that Chillout Enforcement Crew did for Obliq Recordings!

Flyers for the While Whale Room and Syndrome shows.