Multicast’s Bahian Coastal Highway available now

REVIEW:  The Big Takeover

Carpe Sonum is proud to unveil the CD reissue of the 2005 limited LP-only recording from Multicast, mastered by Lupo (formerly of Dubplates & Mastering) at Calyx Mastering in Berlin, with additional new tracks. First gaining notoriety via their own Obliq Recordings imprint back in the early oughts, Colorado-based rural electronic musicians Dave Alexander, Jeff Holland, and Nathan Jantz haven’t exactly vanished from the scene, releasing a slew of digital-only work in the interim.

Bahian Coastal Highway is still ahead of its time, with rich harmonic texture and memorable melodies.  The trio maintain that, “the feel we were shooting for was about arrival and departure, on a journey to Another Green World. There are Brasilian rhythms & chords, exotica and jungle references” with soundscapes conjuring “a new place, with new experiences met with open eyes…

At times, the Balearic, sunny environments suggested by most of these tracks seems at odds with the group’s former modus operandi, but then again, that’s precisely the point. Sidestepping pat categorical references, Multicast feel that this recording is their “most refined and resolved effort, featuring crystalline beauty amid soap opera melodies, meeting on the veranda in a sunny place. There is collaboration and interplay in the songwriting and structure that could only come from years of playing together, and through a telepathic musical connection.


*1. Bahian Coastal Highway (4:36) *2. El Sid (5:15) 3. Underdub (5:17) 4. Departure (7:01)

*5. The Only Thing I Adore (5:26) *6. Hawaii (4:50) 7.Pucuna (5:31) *8. Ansico (6:40)

9. Arrival (5:12) 10. Rotation (4:39)

*recommended for airplay – all FCC compliant

R.I.Y.L: Boards of Canada, Tycho, Aphex Twin, Panabrite

Release Date: February 12, 2016

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Multicast’s BCH Videos

From the album Bahian Coastal Highway available now!

Multicast – Hawaii

Multicast – Bahian Coastal Hwy

Multicast – Arrival


Multicast Free Albums Available

If you haven’t used Bandcamp yet, it is a great site full of wonderful artists.  Great radio too, neat way to find new music and to support the artists that make it.  Check it out!

Here is the Multicast bandcamp profile.  It is full of great tunes, available for free (or a name-your-price if you feel so inclined).

Here is a project with did with local electronic legends Equulei, we call the project Equuicast.  Serious dub, serious ambient bliss!

Rural Sessions was a classic Multicast album.  We still have CDs and Albums available if you are interested in physical releases with all the artwork.

On the Backs of Soldiers was a fun project with did in conjunction with Regis University’s Department of War History and the Aurora (Colorado) History Museum.  Pretty intense stories from these war veterans all soundtracked up by Multicast!

Here is our first vinyl release, EP1, which originally had only 4 tracks.  We’ve spiced this digital version up with a total of 12 tracks now; for your listening enjoyment!

Our original demo was limited to 50 copies and sent out to friends, promoters and record labels.  Stripped out are the Freq Modif tracks which will be featured on the upcoming release on the Freq Modif Bandcamp page.  Bonus Multicast tracks were added so there wasn’t a void!

Our infamous 8″ floppy disk release sold out immediately, but we did sent out promo CDs with the EP and a bunch of bonus tracks.  Seemed right to include that promo CD content with you, so here that is, plus just a few more tracks because that’s how we roll!

And finally, from the 4213 7″ Box set Series, here is the Multicast single.


For those that have been following us on this 20 year journey, we thank you for your lasting support! For those new to the Multicast sound, we thank you too, and hope you all enjoy our releases. We have several new releases in the hopper, so continue to check back!

New/Unreleased Multicast Tracks

Here are a couple of videos to some tracks on upcoming Multicast releases. Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Multicast – Grrr…

Multicast – Lowrider in Cairo

Multicast – State


Multicast Media

Here are some videos from our catalog.  Many of them are soundtracks to our adventures storm chasing and digging crystals.  Enjoy!

Multicast – Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms

Multicast – Spitfire

Multicast – My Hacienda (Solar Sailor)

Multicast – Bahian Coastal Highway

Multicast – Foehn (Glitchmix)

Replicast – Hip-hop 2D

Multicast – Ballerica

Multicast – 1999 (PSI Performer Remix)

Crix Madine’s Theme

Freq Modif – Larkspur

Freq Modif – Electrolytic Soul

Freq Modif – Twilight

Multicast – Spitfire

Crix Madine – Yori

Ted Sturgeon – Spongex

Multicast – Violet Voyeur (in dub)

Multicast – Western Acid