• Happy Thanksgiving Mixtape 2013

    Did a mixtape tonight, some of my favorite acid vinyls from 2013; and a couple of older records thrown in for balance.  Wishing Jefferson quickness!


    30m – dj davealex – xGiving 2013 Acid by Davealex on Mixcloud

  • New tunes available for first time online!

    In doing some cleaning of the Obliq vault I discovered a huge amount of cassette tapes and DATs of the early years; many pre-date Obliq Recordings.  I’ve been discovering that many DATs are no longer playing correctly and so I have my deck and borrowed two other decks from friends and have been able to get most into a modern format (WAV and MP3 for now).  Also, many cassettes are broken in one way or another; but nothing a little surgery can’t fix!

    I have been also posting DJ mixes from the old Radio Station and Club days (starting in the late 80’s) as I get time over at davealex.com.  As I get time I’ll record more of these and likely make them available online (the easiest way for me to listen to them; so might as well share if anyone else may be interested too)!


  • Electronic DJ Sets – KUCB (pre-Radio 1190) days

    I am going through the Obliq archive and have uncovered a bunch of old mixtape cassettes from my DJ days at KUCB radio in Boulder (this is pre-Radio 1190, http://radio1190.org).  I forgot about a lot of these and am enjoying them in a digital format.  I figured others may be interested as well, so I have posted them to my blog.  I have over 100 tapes, most which are unlabelled (doh!), I’ll continue posting as I find interesting ones.

    The first 4 are posted here:

    Late 1993:  Hardcare & Acid:  http://davealex.com/?p=141

    Jan 1995:  IDM/Techno:  http://davealex.com/?p=137

    Sept 1993:  Acid/Techno:  http://davealex.com/?p=125

    Dec 1994:  Detroit Techno:  http://davealex.com/?p=117