• Obliq aritsts on Pete Namlook tribute album.

    Four (4) *NEW* Multicast tracks (under Obliq Recordings side projects guises Replicast, Ted Sturgeon and Freq Modif) are featured on the late Pete Namlook tribute Die Welt ist Klang on Carpe Sonum Records!  We are honored to be a part of this tribute to one of the pioneers of electronic music along with 30+ other great artists!

    Here are the individual tracks:

    Ted Sturgeon – Sea Foam Green

    Freq Modif – Spy Hunter

    Replicast (Multicast) – Gurrr

    Multicast – Lowrider in Cairo

  • Multicast on Sleeping Pills OST

    Back over 10 years ago a local movie company Kinotonik produced this awesome 35mm underground film Sleeping Pills.  Featured in the soundtrack are several Obliq Recordings tunes.  The movie’s Director Michael Lauter has decided to put a REDUX version out on HD Bluray format!

    This is an Indiegogo funding project, so jump out there and support it! One neat thing about this movie is it was filmed in many unique Colorado architectural facilities that have since been destroyed! This film is preserving these interesting Colorado relics!

    Looking forward to finally having a copy of this great movie to watch again and hearing our music on a Bluray HD movie!

  • Obliq New and Re-releases with bonus tracks


    Happy New Year!

    In celebration I recently posted about 100 free tunes on Bandcamp.com. A great site; these are free so preview them and download anything that you like! And tell your friends! Many of our older albums have been stacked with rare and unreleased material. The newest album is a collaboration with the great Denver band Equulei. Multicast and Freq Modif are represented here.  Look forward to more releases in 2014!









  • Happy Thanksgiving Mixtape 2013

    Did a mixtape tonight, some of my favorite acid vinyls from 2013; and a couple of older records thrown in for balance.  Wishing Jefferson quickness!


    30m – dj davealex – xGiving 2013 Acid by Davealex on Mixcloud

  • Picketwire Canyonlands meets Multicast

    Had a fun trip with the Delockroys and my family to the Picketwire Canyonlands south and west of La Junta, Colorado. We signed up for the US Forest Service’s new Guided Auto Tour which is an alternative to the 5+ mile hike in the heat of South-Central Colorado! This was very near the old Santa Fe Trail and features a bunch of history; old and “new”. The USFS employee was very knowledgeable in the Geology and History of the area including many legends and stories! I was a little bummed that we didn’t see the Petroglyphs that were advertised all over the brochures; those were along the trail you hike in; but I guess there needs to be some incentive to get folks to hike the trail too! :)

    The main reason for the trip was to see the Jurassic dinosaur tracks–Brontosaurus and Allosaurus side-by-side! These are the longest tracks by far in any Morrison formation and for sure the longest set anywhere in North America. There was some flooding in August that had not been cleaned up yet (not the terrible flooding we had along the Front Range in September) but it still was fantastic. Normally the Purgatoire River is a trickle and you don’t get your feed wet; that wasn’t the case as you’ll see this trip! Colorado has had a much wetter summer than in the past decade this year!

    The video says it all; enjoy! Feel free to comment on YouTube or this blog posting if you have any questions! Oh, and a shameless plug; my band Multicast‘s song “Spitfire” is the soundtrack to the video. Enjoy!

  • Obliq artists submit tracks for Namlook Tribute

    Carpe Sonum RecordsFor those into contemporary electronic music you may have heard of the Fax +49-69/450464 label (and many sublabels) out of Germany, run by Pete Namlook. In the mid-90s I remember while working at the record store getting in new disks WEEKLY, yes weekly, and we’d sell many copies to faithful fans and electronic music connoisseurs alike! The music is great and the label was strong!

    The music was mostly in the “Ambient” style but there were many great releases that were dancefloor oriented, trance and experimental. What drew me to the Fax label, aside from the great music, was Pete Namlook’s analog synth collection and also all the old-school artists that he introduced to the contemporary scene by doing collaboration releases such as Klaus Schulze’s Dark Side of the Moog series, etc.

    Unfortunately Pete Namlook passed away recently and his world distributor, Ear/Rational Music out of Colorado, decided to put together a tribute release on the new label Carpe Sonum inspired by and dedicated to Namlook. The tribute release will be a mega-box set including tracks from existing alumni of the Fax label and also with fan tracks. The vinyl set is going to be killer! The fan track’s inclusion on the 3 CDs is chosen completely by fan vote!

    Our bands have several tracks submitted for the release and would love for you to vote for us. The track names and artists have been scrambled to focus the voters on the music rather than a popularity contest; and I can’t publically post our tracks here, but if you contact me I’ll forward the ones to be sure to vote “Love It!” on. :)

    Here are the rules of the Namlook Tribute. Here are the tracks to listen to and vote on.

    Hopefully we make the cut!!!   Thanks for your vote!

    UPDATE:  We went through every track, here were our personal favorites:

    • esbrakoi, irblotso, jinnubot, plemmith
    • archibrot, bijorsti, demyalip, graklopy, gozbilto, graklopy

    Fax +49-69/450464

  • Freq Modif tracks on Soundcloud

    Been a while since my project Freq Modif has been active; but that sleeping beast awakes. Right now there is a Facebook page and a Soundcloud page. I have 25+ tracks ready to go online; I’m going to add them a few at a time–much like a glacier melts–so does the Freq Modif archive to create a constant stream…

  • New Multicast track – Low Rider in Cairo

    “Take a little trip, take a little trip with me…” ‘Low Rider in Cairo’ is a hard acid excursion through the streets of Cairo at night, with Multicast driving… The squelch control is set to 11.

    This was a fun session; taking off of the old “lowrider” classic!  We were in “jam” mode and came up with this acid line and melody.  A bit more rockin’ than some of the chill out Multicast material.


  • Multicast presents… Faster and faster

    Multicast sure likes their squidge acid tracks…here is another Multicast-style acid track just in time for your commute.  Best if listening on the interstate/autobahn going fast at night; or in the safety of your recliner at home….of course at high volume! Enjoy!


  • Multicast presents aural espianage… “The Spy”

    This track was from a live set. The originating track was part of the aural “wall of noise” tracks called Rotation ][ where we lit up the sound system and chilled everyone with a wall of sound. However, one show we took it in a completely different direction…which is the beauty of incorporating impromptu playing with hardware at live gigs.


    Hope you have your counter-surveillance equipment rockin’… Enjoy!


  • Multicast brings you another short and sweet track…

    It is quite rare that Multicast would bring you any track under 3 minutes of length, but we have a couple of new “interludes” for you. This one is an outtake of a session that almost got lost in the ether…glad we were able to rescue it! Brings back the old Multicast western analog vibe. Enjoy!


  • Winter brings on new tunes…

    Here’s a great new short track featuring Jeff on the Echoplex and Guitar and Dave making some synthetic noises. Enjoy!


  • Spring is here. New Multicast Video/Track: Multicast – State

    Howdy. For those in rural Colorado you know the season is changing; we feel it too! We’ve released two new tracks and videos to commemorate the Equinox. Here is State. Enjoy!



  • New tune/video: Multicast – Hawaii

    New video by Jeff on his recent sabbatical trip to Hawaii. Sit down, relax, put your feet in the imaginary surf and enjoy!




  • Multicast – Sea-Foam Green – New Track!!

    After most of the winter hiatus, Multicast is back! This time with a track to lull you into a trance…or simply to sleep! Sea-foam Green is about the seashore experience; I’m sure you’ve all been there and done that! Sitting on the shore listening to the waves unravels everything inside of you and brings out the relaxation in any of us. This track is a metaphor for this feeling…the lapping patterns of the waves making peaceful sea-foam.

    Please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive while listening to this track. You’ve been warned!

  • New tunes available for first time online!

    In doing some cleaning of the Obliq vault I discovered a huge amount of cassette tapes and DATs of the early years; many pre-date Obliq Recordings.  I’ve been discovering that many DATs are no longer playing correctly and so I have my deck and borrowed two other decks from friends and have been able to get most into a modern format (WAV and MP3 for now).  Also, many cassettes are broken in one way or another; but nothing a little surgery can’t fix!

    I have been also posting DJ mixes from the old Radio Station and Club days (starting in the late 80’s) as I get time over at davealex.com.  As I get time I’ll record more of these and likely make them available online (the easiest way for me to listen to them; so might as well share if anyone else may be interested too)!


  • Freq Modif – Twilight Video

    Another great video by TheIDMMaster of our Freq Modif “Twilight” track from our berlin-based k2o records release.  Enjoy!


  • Obliq Service Center – Fixing Elektron gear

    Nathan and Jahnavi stopped by and we replaced broken potentiometers on our Elektron MachineDrums and MonoMachines! It was a great evening when we got everything working again!

    Elektron Repair Party

    Here are the basic repair instructions that inspired us to do this ourselves…although we found there wasn’t much of a need to take apart the encoders if you get all the solder with a good solder sucker and wick.

    MD UI Board
    MD UI Board Back
    MM Uncovered
    MM Uncovered
    MM Uncovered

    Check out Nate & Jahnavi’s photos of the session!

  • Summer is upon us – new Freq Modif video!!

    The weather is far less extreme this year than past; but there has been some fun storms. This one was June 24, 2011 in the Nebraska Panhandle. I chased with Adam Boggs this day and with the content I felt it was a great fit with our (Nathan & davealex) Freq Modif track “Mesocycle”.


  • Sequential Circuit Pro One – Alive after 20 years!

    Back in “the day” when I was picking up analog gear like it was trash to the new “digital synth craze” I was able to procure this for $35 (it was DOA). I have purchased 2 CPU chips over the years but they were DOA as well. Finally, I ran across this new Turbo-CPU chip from Music Technologies Group. I have yet to install the MIDI part, but the SCI is working like new!

    What a great piece of gear; I HIGHLY recommend MTG and appreciate his passion for keeping old synths alive!

    Getting ready to replace the chip:
    Getting ready to replace the chip

    Before/After of the CPU:
    Closer look at the chipCloser look at the chip

    The Pro One after it was 100% working!!!
    Getting ready to replace the chip

    Some cool etchings on the board! Anyone know what the bottom one says?
    Getting ready to replace the chip

    Getting ready to replace the chip

    Getting ready to replace the chip

    Here is a quick drone track I did immediately after it was working. The first time this machine has talked in at least 20 years!
    Sequentialstein by davealex

  • Fever Dream – Ted Sturgeon video

    Check out this great video with soundtrack by Ted Sturgeon and Nathan Wheeler.

    Fever Dream from Citizen K on Vimeo.

  • Multicast Presents Foehn

    From the archives, video by David Hartt. This track is a remix from Accelera Deck available on the original Multicast EP from 1998. This is a great video that was never complete until now. Deep from the Obliq vault we present to you this awesome video! Enjoy!

  • Multicast vs Equulei in Surround – March 25

    Multicast / Equulei Surround Show:  Pathways Evolution

    Multicast vs Equulei Surround @ Pathways Evolution

    Hey Denver/Boulder electronic music fans, listen up! Multicast and Equulei, two of Denver’s pioneering electronic-based bands, are performing together for a 6-channel surround show at The Other Side Arts. This is part of the Pathways: Evolution series.

    Pathways: Evolution
    The Other Side Arts
    March 25th, 2011 6pm – midnight
    1644 Platte Street, Denver

    This will be a show you don’t want to miss!!!

    Need a demo of what kind of music to expect? Check out a couple of pieces that Equulei and Multicast put together at the Larkspur Surround Facility last month!

    EquuiCast – Voice Activated Computer

    EquuiCast Dub

    Equuicast – This Is Who We R

    EquuiCast – Arab-Circus

    EquuiCast – Arabesque

    EquuiCast – Blues

    Multicast / Equulei Surround Show:  Pathways Evolution

    Multicast vs Equulei Surround @ Pathways Evolution

    Multicast vs Equulei in Surround Sound! March 25, 2011

  • Free Tunes @ obliq.net !!!

    That’s for visiting. Obliq Recordings has been around since 1996 and we have many albums and compilations available on this site for you to freely download and enjoy! To help you out, if new to Obliq, Multicast is the flagship band with Replicast a more experimental outing. Freq Modif, Crix Madine and Ted Sturgeon are side projects of Multicast.
    Free Tunes and Releases are in the Free Tunes menu available at the top of the website.
    Try these releases for starters:
    Multicast – Grrrr Video on Youtube
    Multicast – Spirituality Through Technology Download MP3s or Stream Audio
    Multicast – On the Backs of Soldiers (with Regis University Department of War History and Aurora History Museum)
    Multicast’s Classic Album “Rural Sessions” Download MP3s or Stream Audio

  • Multicast Show – Digital Nature 2010 – Denver Botanical Gardens

    Please join us for a wonderful evening at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Multicast will be doing a set plus video projections on Thursday Night September 23, 2010.

    Digital Nature 2010 - Kurt Bauer poster

    Multicast performs in Digital Nature 2010

    Multicast @ Digital Nature 2010 - Denver Botanical Gardens

    Multicast's Jefferson and Dave at Digital Nature 2010

  • Multicast’s “Bahian Coastal Hwy.” on display at The Children’s Hospital

    Multicast - Bahian Coastal Hwy.Multicast’s limited edition record is currently on display at The Children’s Hospital Hamilton Gallery.  You can download and/or listen to record via these links:

    Multicast – Bahian Coastal Hwy.  Preview of upcoming Carpe Sonum release!

    Here is another Multicast release that is a cumulation of all our albums.

    Multicast – Spirituality Thru Technology.  192 MP3s

    Multicast – Spirituality Thru Technology.  (high quality) 320 MP3s
    Feel free to browse through our entire catalog clicking the “Free Tunes” link above.  Another great release is the On the Backs of Soldiers soundtrack to war verteran’s stories done in conjunction with the Regis Department of War History and the Aurora History Museum.

  • Multicast Live 2010 June 9 @ Gorinto: Adventures in Modern Music

    Multicast - June 9, 2010 - Mercury Cafe
    Gorinto: Adventures in Modern Music

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7:00pm
    Mercury Cafe 2199 California Street Denver, CO

    $5 Doors, $5 Dinner

    Musical Sound Vibrations Provided By:
    Dave&Charles (Replicast Members!)
    Dreaming Machines

    Live Electronic Visual Stimuli Provided By: Nate Wheeler and The Eye-Stealing Tsuji
    Live Vinyl DJing!!

    Love to see you on Wednesday night!

  • Multicast – Rotation on YouTube

    As an experiment uploading 1080i video to YouTube, I decided to add our track Rotation to the video. Nothing super exciting; just a nice Squall line that I chased with my son. Several were Tornado warned earlier in the evening; but we saw nothing too exciting other than cool structure. Figured Rotation would fit nicely. From Bahian Coastal Hwy album.

  • New Replicast Releases!

    Obliq’s sister in crime, Cryptophonics Records, has a new multi-format release available for download and purchase, and of course online listening! These were from a epic one night session recording at the Wallstreet Compound. It was about time someone revamped and redefined Krautrock!

    There are two very limited releases, a CDr and a Cassette. Yes, you heard that right; here at the Obliq headquarters we have been really going retro with cassettes! These will be available for purchase in our shop very soon! But in the meantime, here are the releases!

    Replicast - Replicator-X - CRY-07

    Play Download 256K Buy Multi-format Release

    Replicast - The Wallstreet Compound - CRY-09

    Play Download 256K Buy Multi-format Release

    Replicast - Replicator-X

  • Electronic DJ Sets – KUCB (pre-Radio 1190) days

    I am going through the Obliq archive and have uncovered a bunch of old mixtape cassettes from my DJ days at KUCB radio in Boulder (this is pre-Radio 1190, http://radio1190.org).  I forgot about a lot of these and am enjoying them in a digital format.  I figured others may be interested as well, so I have posted them to my blog.  I have over 100 tapes, most which are unlabelled (doh!), I’ll continue posting as I find interesting ones.

    The first 4 are posted here:

    Late 1993:  Hardcare & Acid:  http://davealex.com/?p=141

    Jan 1995:  IDM/Techno:  http://davealex.com/?p=137

    Sept 1993:  Acid/Techno:  http://davealex.com/?p=125

    Dec 1994:  Detroit Techno:  http://davealex.com/?p=117

  • Welcome to the new Obliq web

    Howdy and welcome. Please pardon our pixel dust as we continue to build this new website. We have used a blog style site to help us keep in better communication with you. Please subscribe to our RSS for up to date information!

    New to this site is streaming audio (over 115 tracks, nearly our entire catalog!), FREE downloads of our entire catalog in 192Kbps (for those concerned with size) and High Definition 320Kbps (for those concerned with quality)! Enjoy! Also available for the first time are many live and radio shows with exclusive material!

    Don’t forget to check out the shop for very limited Vinyl and CD releases! Feel free to comment on stuff you like and give us some feedback!

  • Multicast – Grrrr Video

  • Replicast – Hip Hop 2D Video

  • Multicast – Calisto (Solar Sailor) Video

  • Multicast – Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms Video

  • Multicast Live @ Museum In the Dark – 10-24-2009

    Museum in the Dark

    Museum in the Dark Multicast Live @ University of Colorado Natural History Museum – October 24, 2009

  • Multicast on Radio 1190 Local Shakedown 3

    Radio 1190's Local Shakedown 3

    Play Multicast – Hawaii

  • Multicast – Live @ Remake:It Festival – Santa Fe August 8, 2009

    Multicast @ Corazon

  • Multicast perform at Communikey Festival – April 16 2009

    CMKY 2009
    Come by and check out Multicast at the opening cocktail party for Communikey 2009. We play with Cacheflow and DJ Ivy. We’re on about 10pm. Best part, it’s FREE!

  • Replicast releases Obliq Recordings miniLP [CRY-08]

    Replicast - Obliq RecordingsNew release limited to 333 vinyl copies. Replicast includes Multicast members Jeff Holland and Dave Alexander; with Eric Allen from Apples in Stereo; free-jazz sax player Zach Shaw. Replicast is a loose collective appling the techniques and technology that Multicast has used for years.

    The LP falls on the axis between Electronica, Free Jazz, and Psych-Folk. This melodic release explores new directions and will please Multicast fans who have appreciated the packaging and improvization in the past.

    Check out samples of the news tracks on the Replicast Myspace site.

    Available to order through obliq shop very soon, likely mid-spring. Check back soon or sign up for our mailing list to be notified.

    Play Download 192K Download HD 320K Buy Vinyl

  • Multicast – Spirituality Thru Technology [OBQ-11]

    Multicast - Spirituality Thru Technology

    We have released this compilation of Multicast “chill out” tracks to balance out the stress of the office! There are several exclusive tracks on this release! 

    Produced in 2008, this release is limited to 300 CDs and internet release.

    Play Download 192K Download HD 320K

  • Multicast Live @ Kabaret / KGNU 6-23-2008

    Multicast @ Kabaret KGNU Multicast Live @ the Moose Room – KGNU – June 23, 2008


    Multicast @ Kabaret KGNU

  • Multicast Live @ Communikey Festival – 4-20-2008

    Multicast will be performing live at the Finale of the Communikey Electronic Music Festival in Boulder on April 20, 2008. Yes, that is 4/20 in Boulder! Our set will begin promptly at 10pm following Dave Fidel at 9pm so please show up early this night! Eric McIntyre, retina.it are the other two supporting artists for the big name German band Pole that is the headliner!

    For more information about the venue check out:
    Trilogy Wine Bar 2017 13th Street. 303-473-WINE.

    CMKY Festival 2008CMKY 2008

  • Multicast Live & Interview @ Radio1190 – April 8, 2008

    Multicast will be guests of The Rude Awakening show on Radio 1190. We will be perfoming some pieces live and talking about the upcoming Communikey Electronic Music Festival occuring April 18-20, 2008. We will also be talking about the new Replicast album and all other things Obliq.

  • Multicast on Radio 1190 Rude Awakening 4-8-2008

    Multicast will be guests of The Rude Awakening show on Radio 1190. We will be perfoming some pieces live and talking about the upcoming Communikey Electronic Music Festival occuring April 18-20, 2008. We will also be talking about the new Replicast album and all other things Obliq.

    Play Multicast Live/Interview on Radio 1190’s Rude Awakening April 8, 2008

  • Multicast – On the Backs of Soldiers [OBQ-12]

    Multicast - On The Backs of Soldiers

    The Aurora History Museum, the local band Multicast and the Regis University Center for the Study of the Military Experience have collaborated in the presentation of this on-of-a-kind audio tour. This “environment of sound” features oral histories and songs written especially for this exhibit.

    Play Download 192K

  • Obliq Crew on KGNU’s Electronic Air 3-12-2005

    Multicast/Obliq Recordings had a nice two hour showcase on KGNU.ORG’s Electronic Air. Hosted by Budda Bomb, Multicast played much of their new BCH album and also featured tracks from other projects and exclusive live and unreleased materials straight from the vault. Also included are interviews of band members.

    Play 1st Hour Electronic Air – 3/12/2005 – Hour #1
    Play 2nd Hour Electronic Air – 3/12/2005 – Hour #2

  • Multicast – Bahian Coastal Hwy [OBQ-10]

    Multicast - Bahian Coastal Hwy.MULTICAST returns in 2005, landing on the turntable with a new kool-aid laced tropical-flavored platter. BAHIAN COASTAL HWY explores the rain-slicked Brazilian jungles of the mind. This limited release was pressed on beautiful green-marbled vinyl and packaged inside clear, hand silk-screened sleeves. It was cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, resulting in an LP with deep bass, sparkling resonance and represent the trio’s most sophisticated sound to date. The LP opens with the title track “Bahian Coastal Hwy”, where Multicast explores latin electro-infused rhythms, interlaced with Multicasts trademark lush guitar melodies. This Trans-Brazilian Express is a fusion of ideas past and future. Its a syncopated trip. The subsonics of “Underdub” pulse with dub-wise beats and deep chords delayed beyond imagination. A bubble-bath of modular synthesis percolates throughout, while deep jazzy guitar sheds some sonic light bringing dark shapes into context. There is a cinematic quality to this release, and it shines best in the tracks “Arrival, “Departure” and “Rotation”, which explore themes of anticipation, longing, dread and hard-cold beauty. The choice college indie-radio track “The Only Thing I Adore” reveals Multicast’s sensibility in fusing pop and left-field electronics. Like morning sunlight through a window, warm and immersive counter-point music-box melodies weave between shimmering static and vocoded lyrics singing of love and admiration. Multicast’s approach to music is all about creating atmosphere and depth without cluttering the sound field. “Pucuna” explores this notion with intricate poly-rhythms and tribal syncopations. The incorporation of synthesized sounds of birds of the rainforest, electronic insects and formant vocalizations will paint a vivid picture in the listeners mind. “Ansico” rounds out the journey, winding sublime melodies, clockwerk rhythm’s, and lap-steel guitar around a 30 hz & below bassline. Multicast reaches new heights in terms of production, arrangement and song writing skills. It’s absolutely rich with emotion and detail and will reveal new things with each repeated listen.

    Re-released June 2015 on CD/Digital with bonus tracks for the 10-year anniversary!  Original vinyl released in 2005 in a limited edition run of 400 Green marbled vinyl 12″.

    Play View Discogs Read Onesheet Read Press Sheet

  • Multicast on Radio 1190’s Local Shakedown 2

    Radio 1190's Local Shakedown 2KVCU Radio 1190 AM was voted the Best Non-Commercial Radio Station in Colorado many times over. This is because it is simply the only local station with any variety and edge. We are honored to be a part of this local music compilation.
    View Discogs Multicast – Bahian Coastal Hwy (alter edit)

  • Multicast on Denver Compilation “For Human Ears Only”

    For Human Ears OnlyPrepare your ears and mind for the debut transmission from Nobot Media. “For Human Ears Only.” A collection of sounds and ideas ranging from the deep glitch hop of Equulei and the Draconians (Djore Records) to the organic guitar vs. beats essence of Multicast, Neighbors, CacheFlowe, George & Caplin, and Clocks Ticking Backward. Also trasmitting on this release aree new sounds from the avant, Ghostly International’s newest signing, Twine, and Ohm Resistance label owner Submerged bringing the sub-bass analog crunch.
    So, step out from behind your laptop, turn off your television, and unplug your robots receptors, these sounds are For Human Ears Only.

    View Discogs Multicast – Green Sequence (Live at Unity Gain – 9.3.3)

  • Freq Modif Live @ Wobble – Feb 14, 2004

    Freq Modif Live @ WobbleSaturday February 14 Obliq Recordings project Freq Modif performed live at Wobble. Wobble is presented by the Lunar Lodge crew (partially Obliq Recordings) and Mother Earth Sound System. This was an amazing show at Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, Colorado.

    Richard Devine (Warp/Schematic), Kit Clayton (~scape/Orthlorng Musork), Equulei (Dorje/Nobot Media), Ovni (Commtomm.com/Radiovalve.net/EBN/Nobot Media) all played and everyone had fantastic sets!



    Freq Modif showed off new beta technology from Elektron Sweden. The show was entirely done with two MonoMachines and one MachineDrum.

    Wobble 2.14.4


  • Freq Modif on Spanish DVD Random Soundscapes

    Random Soundscapes DVDCool hacked DVD project where music plays with random video.

    ROJO.esee. es un concepto, una idea que buscando su forma ha encontrado en el formato DVD+CD su mejor aliado. A modo de pecera futurista ROJO.esee. está ideado para acompañar veladas post-modernas, estados de ánimo insomnes o como compañia en las tareas domésticas.

    ROJO.esee. es una pintura sonora cambiante.

    La parte musical a sido estructurada por Raúl Garcia (Dj.Zero) conocido pionero en la difusión de la electrónica en este pais y autor de numerosos
    textos de referencia para el estudio y seguimiento de la música avanzada. Dj.Zero presenta en esta compilación un tracklist atemporal con autores procedentes de todo el mundo. Zero ha antepuesto en su selección el riesgo creativo y la experimentación sobre la “tendencia” y la publicación de novedades gratuitamente.

    Los criterios de selección de piezas video han contrastado y reafirmado la postura de Zero y ofrecen más riesgo y más experimentación. Piezas de encargo con sólo un requisito: total libertad y originalidad, fruto del auténtico trabajo personal. Los videos han proporcionado a ROJO.esee. una diversidad de conceptos y técnicas generosa. Podemos ver 3D de última generación, documental, multimedia o cine mezclados en un cocktail colorista y muy arriesgado, sorprendente y a veces impactante.

    ROJO y alicia aúnan fuerzas e ideas para llevar a cabo estas compilaciones visuales y sonoras. ROJO es una plataforma de difusión artística
    multidisciplinar que se concreta en forma de revista, de web, en discos, exposiciones, eventos… alicia es una pequeña boutique creativa que sirve
    ideas al entorno publicitario y artístico.

    El cocktail está servido. El visionado del DVD arranca en modo RANDOM-ALEATORIO y se abre la posibilidad de que el azar escoja una de las 120 posibles combinaciones entre temas musicales y videos, creando la sensación de que hay piezas nuevas y nuevas canciones en el contenido del álbum en cada visionado.

    Esta sensación de novedad constante es debida a que nuestra percepción une las imagenes y los sonidos en nuestra memoria. Somos capaces, por naturaleza, de “cuadrar” mentalmente audio y video de modo que percibimos cada una de las 120 combinaciones posibles cómo unicas y específicas.

    ROJO .esee. es eso… sensaciones novedosas en paisajes sonoros aleatorios.

    ROJO.esee. es un salvapantallas que se descarga en tu comedor. Imágenes y músicas en Hi-FI. Una alternativa a la programación televisiva.

  • Multicast on Sleeping Pills 35mm Film Soundtrack

    Sleeping Pills filmThis is a great film about an issue (dare I say problem!) that is happening to us in Rural Colorado. Sprawl. We call it a suburban fungus. Kinotonik Pictures has brought you the Obliq Optik at Multicast and Crix Madine live performances. Submissions were from all of the Obliq Crew including prior released tracks, new unreleased tracks, and various outtakes and tracks constructed to fit their scenes. Please visit the Sleeping Pills movie site referenced above for up and coming showings of this movie!

    Please support independent artists!

    Official Selection, 2003 Cairo International Film Festival

  • Multicast Live @ Unity Gain – August 3, 2003

    Multicast @ Unity Gain 8-3-3 

    Play Multicase Live @ Unity Gain August 3, 2003

  • Multicast Live/Interview – Radio 1190 – Aug 1, 2003

    Play Multicast – Radio 1190 Interview – 8-1-2003

  • Crix Madine on A:D:A:P:T Soundings1

    A:D:A:P:T Soundings 1This compilation caps off the year in which Trace Reddell curated the visualsoundings series of live electronic audio performances for MCA|D. The disc covers four seasons of audio/visual events thematically networked into the museum’s exhibits, including a tribute to Pop Art (sonicPOP) and an examination of architectural decay in new urban environments (music for ruins). The compilation showcases a diverse range of sonic material, from glitchy micro-textures and ambient techno to electrofunk, britpop, and choral ensemble work. All tracks were newly produced for this disc, including an exclusive live recording from Crix Madine’s performance at the museum.

    View Discogs Crix Madine – Expedition To The Barrier Peaks (Live)

  • Multicast’s Japanese Debut – Shaman Efforts

    Shaman Efforts

    while i’ve only just recently dropped this new and upcoming compilation in the cd-tray, i feel the need to mention this release as many of the artists featured on it have been actively involved in the idm-scene for quite a while. abstract electronics are brushed up against peculiar electro-elements, minimal beats, subtle rhythms with a focus on the experiments in sound-construction & de-construction that these artists do best.
    –pietro (digital::nimbus)

    Play View Discogs Multicast – Ballerica (edit)

  • Multicast, Freq Modif & Ted Sturgeon – Performing Art “Between Mythos”

    Between MythosWe did the production of the soundtrack for this performance art piece, including submission of tracks from Multicast, Ted Sturgeon, and Freq Modif.

  • Multicast remixed on American Breakbeat 2

    American Breakbeat RebuiltThe Rebuilt-project: musicians from 33 countries remixed the tracks of American Breakbeat. In comparison, American Breakbeat Rebuilt is much more pop, but Klangkrieg would not be Klangkrieg, if we have not recruited musical border crossers for such a mammoth project… at the end listeners will experience a kind of ‘re-hearing’ with many old acquaintances and some surprising new discoveries. Already when we have worked on American Breakbeat, we could not find anything ‘typically American’. Referring to Rebuilt, it´s very obvious, that finally no stereotype grasps anymore. Electronic music thus proves to be an international code escaping all categories. But — really — who of us needs categories? Although American Breakbeat – Rebuilt is kind of conceptional, it first of all promises an unique pleasure for your ears. The two CDs remain floating, while the connection is made between clicks & cuts via really nice electric pop to break core and noisy drones.” Remixes by: ES, Borko, Leafcutter John, Ultra Milkmaids, Pastacas, Xploding Plastix, Donnacha Costello, Random Logic, Andreas Tilliander, Belgradeyard Sound System, Ambidextrous, Sonic Dragolgo, Slepcy, Miraq, Chris Wood, Ford Proco, Desertstorm Breakcore Squad, Goem, Rosy Parlane, Fibla, Pimmon, Intricate, Kubik, Epy, Somatic Responses, Com.a, Noize Creator, Panacea, Andrea Benedetti, Mambotur, Ruzina Frankulin, Ammo, Insumsion, Vultures. The original artists being remixed include Kid 606, Matmos, Cex, Electric Company, Marumari, many others.

    View Discogs Multicast – Sympathen – Andrea Benedetti Remix

  • Obliq Recordings – 4213 [OBQ-09]

    Obliq Recordings 4213 CDMore than the sum of individual the parts, Multicast presents expansive new views from the sidelines, featuring stellar new tracks from Crix Madine, Ted Sturgeon, Freq Modif and the Multicast mothership. Four limited colored vinyl slabs of Obliq are being released in the 7 inch 33 1/3 series with unique inserts and tasty sci-fi packaging. The CD release will contain tracks from the vinyl release with three exclusive new ones and the impressive video for “Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms”.

    Obliq Recordings 4213 Vinyl Box SetReleased in 2002 in both compact disc format and limited edition vinyl box set.  300 CDs were available and 88 4x 7″ colored vinyl Box Sets with hand crafted artwork were available.

    Play Download 192K Download HD 320K View Discogs - CD View Discogs - LP Box Read Press Sheet

  • Freq Modif – Larkspur [OBQ-07]

    Freq Modif - LarkspurObliq residents, Freq Modif present their debut release here with warm and fuzzy de-tuned oscillators that hail in a warmer and brighter season. “Larkspur” is a homage to the all-encompassing deep blue Colorado skies and the fresh smell of passing afternoon rain glittering on the wildflowers of the Larkspur meadows. Pure analog sequencing and triggering at its best harkening back to the synthesizer masters of the 1970’s but with the bounce of the kick drum and the sparkle of hi-hats of the 808. Truly a gem of an electronic piece.

    The b-side “Interstates” gives you a synthetic taste of a night drive along on the Colorado autobahn. Traveling back and forth between studios on the high-speed corridor of I-25 inspired this amazing new track of psychedelic ambience and pulsating dub. The fresh smell of rain evaporating on pavement is splashed by the roar of passing trucks and freighters along the journey. The sound of locusts great the passing cars. Both tracks recorded at the Larkspur Facility.

    Released in 2002 on 7″ red vinyl.  500 pressings with 88 reserved for the 4213 Box Set.

    Play Download 192K View Discogs Read Onesheet Buy Vinyl

    NOTE: HD download available on 4213 OBQ-09 release.

  • Multicast on No Space for Dogma Compilation

    No Space for DogmaSince the Kanzleramt sub-label K2O got reactivated in May 2001 one year of consistent work and many diverse releases brought the label a very positive international feedback. No Space For Dogma celebrates some of the best previous moments on k2o, some exclusive and unreleased tracks as well as some parts of the forthcoming albums by Monophace and Kareem, one track from the debut 12inch by Diego Hostettler´s project Echelon Network and Jake Mandell´s DVD release.” Artists also include: Lazyfish/Mewark, PSI Performer, Clubsessel, Multicast, Tenecke, Lazyfish, Dennis Desantis, Apathism, Shapes & Forms.

    Play View Discogs Multicast – Foehn

  • Multicast’s Berlin debut! Kanzleramt/K2o Records Album

    Multicast presents Further Obliq PerspectivesSince 1996, projects including Multicast, Ted Sturgeon and Freq Modif represented this perspective to the contemporary electronic ideology, but with a more psychedelic and improvisational twist. From tracks constructed with the basics of noise and rhythmic sequences to full on melodic washes, Obliq artists sculpt aural images aimed not at the dance floor but the armchair. These artists employ methodologies of sequencing not too familiar with modern technology, but rather more traditional and improvisational in approach. Multicast, for example, creates most of their tracks from live, late night sessions. Guitars, electric mandolins, kalimbas, modular synthesizers, analog sequencers & effects and digital synthesizers are all part of the Obliq arsenal located at the Larkspur, Wallsteet and Erie facilities. Think of Multicast as an ever-evolving music project. A revolving door of ideas. A meeting of the minds from various individuals involved with the other projects within Obliq. It’s the flagship and corner stone project and even further an ideal representation of the Obliq record label as a whole. If you listen closely to the Multicast material, you will notice a sort of mesh of musical influences and backgrounds from all individuals involved yet close attention is paid in how the various parts are combined. The physical landscape of rural Colorado surrounding members of Multicast play a big part in the environmental influences in the music itself. These are wide-open spaces with room enough for ideas to flourish away from the confines and distractions of an urban environment. This isn’t to say that Multicast lives in a music vacuum or an environment void of art and music culture. Rather, the geographic location gives the project an opportunity to observe the world of electronic music from the outside in and not consumed by a metropolitan music clique. Therefore, members of Multicast rely on each other to be energized and inspired to create and follow through with ideas and bring them into being. A lot of the popular software-based music making tools — the ones dominant in modern day electronic music — are put aside which allow Multicast to focus on improvisational and organic composition. All members of Multicast are DJs, but styles may be surprising as compared to their musical output.

    View Discogs - CD View Discogs - LP  

  • Crix Madine – Yori [OBQ-04]

    Crix Madine - YoriObliq newcomer Crix Madine blasts in from the north with this solid debut release. “Yori” is a poly-rhythmic sound experience where the percussion slips and slides along over dreamy and static-driven melody lines. Half-way thru the listener will find himself/herself engulfed in an “analogue bubblebath” of sublime synth lines and the metallic thunder of disjointed beats.
    On the b-side, “Alpine Refuge” may invoke the imagination of overlooking deep alpine valleys and a vista of snow-capped peaks can be seen through the trees. It’s a seamless meld of organic electro-beauty, combining an almost left-field hip-hop aesthetic with melodic and crystalline bass-pads. The track is majestic in nature and leaves the listener with optimism. This seven inch release is not to be missed.

    Released in early 2003 on yellow 7″ vinyl. 500 pressings with 88 included in the 4213 Box Set.

    Play Download 192K View Discogs Read Onesheet Buy Vinyl

    NOTE:  HD download available in the 4213 OBQ-09 release.

  • Ted Sturgeon – Green Sequence [OBQ-06]

    Ted Sturgeon - Green SequenceTed’s motto: “Spirituality Through Technology…” The forces of good and evil cancel each other out and heave a sigh of relief that we’re all here to enjoy another day. Listening to the A-side’s “Green Sequence (Frost Mix)” one discovers there is always something new to explore, and here, Multicast’s science-aficionado Ted Sturgeon discovers just what happens when the sound of hip-hop and psychedelic ambience collide. A new genre of Gregorian Modernism ripples through our cortex, courtesy of the Frost Laboratory’s manipulation of the original track, recorded at Facility Minor.
    Too much science fiction as a kid said his high-school adviser, but look where it’s gotten him… “Echowurld” kicks off the B-side. The field recordings underlying this Matrix come from placing mics 30 feet apart on the Mimbres River in New Mexico one whispy moonlight night. The Mimbres Valley was once the home of a graphically advanced American Indian culture. In this track you can feel the spirits rising up from the dead to avenge their grave-plundering desecration by pot hunters. On nights like these, who needs a drum machine?

    The original version of “Green Sequence” finishes off the B-side. Here we find a track making guitars safe for electronic music again. Psychedelic-acid-electro-analog-blues, indeed! A homage to the psychedelic blues of fractured genius Peter Green AND the movie “Andromeda Strain”, all in one concise little construction! Begin the countdown… another genre bender that puts the Tedster spin on sequential indie-tronics.

    Released in 2002 on 7″ green vinyl.  500 produced, 88 of which were included in the 4213 Box Sets.

    Play Download 192K View Discogs Read Onesheet

    NOTE:  HD download available on 4213 release OBQ-09.

  • Multicast – La Honda [OBQ-08]

    Multicast - La HondaThe A-side presents “La Honda (Live at SinFest 2000)”, showing Multicast’s improvisational prowess as taken from their NYC debut at the SiN Festival 2000. The interplay of three distinct voices interlocked with beautiful and shimmering melodies makes the run-of-the-mill electronic duo run and scatter for cover behind their lap-tops. Compare this track with the original studio recording found on last year’s “Rural Sessions” release and see for your selves.

    The B-side contains a remix by the other Obliq mad scientist Crix Madine of the original “La Honda” recording. This lo-fi bastard out of the Multicast camp shows an early incarnation of what would become a “Rural Sessions” staple. “Crix Madine’s Glik Glok Mix” sounds like the inner-workings of an analog clock ticking away, producing waves of electro-static like a Tesla coil. Here we have another genre-blender soon to be dubbed Psychedelic Electro-funk.

    Released in 2002 as part of the 4213 series.  500 blue 7″ vinyls released.  88 of these were available in the 4213 Box Set.

    Play Download 192K View Discogs Read Onesheet

    NOTE:  HD 320kbps download available with OBQ-09 4213 release.

  • Multicast on Berlin’s Further Electronics Compilation

    Further ElectronicsThe electrification of pop in the past 15 years has created such great genres like techno, house, electro, drum & bass, trip hop and uncountable subkinds. For all those who are into experiencing the borders of these electronic styles, the further technical development made it possible to put their ideas into practice. But far away from media hypes and mainstream a small and independent branch of electronically produced music developed since the early 90ies. Intelligent techno, nu ambient and electronica are only some of the names that have been invented in order to describe this music coming from traditions like post rock or acts like Autechre or Mouse On Mars. Further Electronics tries to give a deep insight into the research labs of some of these meticulously working producers, deriving from todays pop, post-rock and electronic music scene. Amongst established labels such as the British Rephlex represented here by Global Goon, or Leaf (from the UK as well) with a track by Manitoba, there are also less known artists and labels to discover on Further Electronics. Morr Music, for example, features Herrmann & Kleine, and City Centre Offices, from Berlin as well, is represented by Static, coming up with vocals by To Rococo Rot singer Ronald Lippok. Plug Research sends some warm Californian sunbeams with their renown label act Dntel. But there’s more fuel to add into the glowing, crackling fire. WMF Records send Nikakoi from the Georgian Republic, Kanzleramt-sublabel K2O comes up with Multicast from Colorado/U.S.A. and Calla (appearing on Belgian label Quatermass) get remixed by Metrotech (Ex-Bowery Electric) from New York and the British Metamatics (Hydrogen Dukebox) as well as Penfold Plum (Wichita) meet with people like Burnt Friedman or German act Ming from Doxa. As a result, we get a melancholic, emotional and great ensemble of electronic music with pop structures — or should one call it pop music with electronics?

    View Discogs Multcast – mRouter

  • Multicast on Berlin’s Klang Krieg Compilation

    American BreakbeatLots of things have happened since we came up with the idea to make something about the ‘Americans’ just one year ago. By this time some of the artists have become rather popular. Kid 606 is releasing records on many labels all over the world these days. Phthalocyanine will do some stuff on Mike Paradinas’ label Planet µ. Matmos is working with Bjork, and Kit Clayton and Jake Mandell are now part of the family as well. So more and more, this compilation has become an interlude, a look at all the different developments in a country where musicians sometimes have nothing in common with their brothers here on the old continent. Some of them, like Casey Collier (a.k.a. Buug — he’s done about ten CDRs full of music, everything worth being released), are living in small towns far from the rest of the world- – just doing their music every day. Some, like Casey Rice (a.k.a. Designer — who’s normally mixing post-rock bands like Tortoise), are well known in the indie scene. And then there’s guys like Lesser, who used to play in a Metallica cover band. There is no typical similarity between all these artists, nor is there a typical American style to their music. It’s quite a long way from tracks like Alejandro and Underwood’s Aphex Twin remix (they’re erasing an Aphex track), to the nice pop of Lowfish. Find out what we mean when we talk about different attitudes. Artists include: Kit Clayton, Fingernail, Multicast, Electric Company, Matmos, Lesser, Electric Birds, Blink Blink, Marumari, Blitter, Kid 606, Buug, Phthalocyanine, Alejandra and Underwood, Designer, Sutekh, David Kristian, Lowfish, Slicker, Lexanculpt, Jake Mandell, Cathars, Hrvatski, Timeblind, Datach’i, Cex, Solenoid, Halo Vessel, Rook Vallade.

    View Discogs Sympathen (Electroversion)

  • Multicast – Rural Sessions [OBQ-05]

    Multicast - Rural SessionsFrom the rural outposts of Colorado return Obliq Recording artists’ Multicast with a long awaited new release-this time a full-length endeavor. The Multicast boys have been in the studio for almost a year now recording “Rural Sessions” and the word around the Obliq office is it was well worth the wait. This is a 74-minute excursion into expansive soundscapes, head-nodding rhythms, counter melodies and spot-on improvisational electronics. “Rural Sessions” takes a rather refreshing approach to leftfield electronic music, doing away with glitch based DSP programming and falls more into territories of improvisation and session based recording, incorporating DIY analog sound sources with digital synthesis. This should surely please listeners familiar with sounds close encounters of the musical variety like contemporary electronic artists and labels such as Suction, L’uisine, Eno, Nonplace Urban Fields (or Bernt Friedmann), Tortoise, and City-Centre-Offices; but Multicast ups the ante bringing melody back to the fore like a modern Global Communication in the wrestling-ring smacking down Boards of Canada.

    These are album-centric tracks and much in league of previous Multicast EP’s. “Phosphene” kicks off the album with full-on epic strings and a spectrum of synthesized noises akin to the crackling of a Geiger counter. “Mr. Hz (Takes a Jazz Break)” is an improvisational piece containing atmospheric guitar work sparked by sci-fi beats that transition into a dark and dubby bass excursion. Originally appearing on the debut Obliq Recordings compilation, “Tropicalda” returns re-mixed and mastered with vibrant and warm existential ambience. Ballerica completes the puzzle with the missing corner pieces from your brothers record collection, by answering the question “What do surf-music, Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream have in common besides driving on the Autobahn?” The track “La Honda” employs chromatic and disjointed beats that sound like wet jolts of electricity amplified through the lead pipes of the kitchen sink with beautiful shimmering guitar. “Way Station” explores imaginary airport terminal-like spaces with a backdrop of serene ambience and non-discernable intercom simulations. “Calisto (Solar Sailor)”, originally appearing on last year’s ultra limited 8 inch floppy disk release, is now properly included here in context of complete works from Multicast. Exclusive to the CD only and never before released, the original 24-minute version of “Laura” finishes off this album, which will undoubtedly please Multicast listeners. The 2xLP version contains a different, never before released atmospheric reprise of “Laura” not contained on the CD.

    Full color packaging is presented in both formats. The first 500 vinyl pressings come in translucent smoked amber and smoked green. Second edition was 1,000 150 gram double vinyl. 1,000 CDs were gatefold. Released in 2001.

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  • Multicast Remix – PSI Performer (Anthony Rother)

    PlayFirst of 2 CDs of remixes. “PSI Performer is Anthony Rother’s alter ego for experimental electronics, gets back to his roots on K2o records. About 30 remixers coming from different fields of electronic music rebuilt the PSI Performer original album in their very own ways. On five 12″ parts and two separate CD´s you can find some of the best and most innovative artists in electronic music. CD 1 includes the 14 best mixes of the first three remix EP´s + one CD exclusive mix by Calla. The line-up of this remix series sounds like a who is who in electronic music and is the perfect listening pleasure for all lovers of advanced electronics.” Remixes on this volume include: Multicast, Sender Berlin, Miss Dinky, Gimmik, Alexander Kowalski, Ovuca, John Tejada, Solvent, Calla, Wechsel Garland, Jake Mandell, Plod & Flowing (Thomas Fehlman).

    Play View Discogs LP View Discogs CD PSI Performer – 1999 (Multicast Remix)

  • Multicast on Radio 1190’s Local Shakedown 1

    Radio 1190's Local Shakedown 1KVCU Radio 1190 AM was voted the Best Non-Commercial Radio Station in Colorado by Westword magazine for 1999. Members of Multicast have been heavily involved in the radio station in both the past and the present. This CD compilation is the best of the local Colorado bands, which Multicast has been represented.
    Play View Discogs Multicast – Violet Voyeur (in dub)

  • Multicast, Freq Modif & Ted Sturgeon on Noizy1

    Noizy1Dark twisted hifi electronic noise for those special moments! ICA brings you ‘NOIZY1′. This album will include some of the diverse talents from the Denver/Boulder region. See http://ica.dimensional.com/oto/noizy1.htm for more information. Freq Modif rework Multicast’s Sympathen with the ICAm your father mix! Ted Sturgeon blasts you with his GT-5.
    View Discogs Multicast – Sympathan (Freq Modif’s I CAn Your Father Mix)
      Ted Sturgeon – GT-5

  • Multicast, Freq Modif, Ted Sturgeon on Math

    MathDenver’s Institute of Contextual Arts release, this is the first of several releases of the local community. Math contains two version both with very nice packaging from the creative empire of John Noi. Contains Tropicalada shaken not stirred by Ted Sturgeon and a Mr. Hz outtake by Freq Modif.
    Play View Discogs Ted Sturgeon – Tropicalada
      Freq Modif – Mr Hz (outtake)

  • Multicast – Sympathen [OBQ-03]

    Multicast - SympathenMulticast was informed that Thaddi Hermann had placed a review of their EP1 in the German magazine De-Bug. Trying desperately to translate the German review into English, Multicast piped the text through a natural language converter on the web. Although not fully translated, the review got Mutlicast motivated to write a track. Multicast took this pseudo-translated review and fed it to a text-to-speech converter on the web. With additional vocoder-ization and added hydraulic beats, Sympathen was born. A side note, Multicast still has no clue what “Sympathen” translates to in English! The flip side is a melodic disjunct beat groove that is best described as only Calisto (Solar Sailor). The 7″ release comes in unique packaging within an 8″ floppy diskette.

    Released in 2000 in limited edition 8″ Retro Floppy Diskette packaging.  Hand numbered to 400 7″ vinyl records.

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  • Multicast on Cadaract Beats

    Cadaract BeatsThe long awaited compilation from Pitchcadet and aii Records. Featuring tracks from : V/VM (exclusive), Funkstorung (from “breakart” ep), Michael Fakesch (from “marion” cd), Datathief (from yunx/datathief split 12″), Multicast (exclusive), M-Tec (exclusive), Accelera Deck (exclusive), Yunx (from pitchcadet cdr), WoodenSpoon (exclusive), Max Tundra (exclusive), & Commercial (exclusive).

    Play View Discogs Multicast – Foehn

  • Multicast – EP1 and EP2 Plus

    This was a promo that was released in 1999 to promote Multicast’s first EP and the Iron Feather Journal #17 EP.  By popular demand we have added this release for listening and download.  Enjoy the bonus tracks not on the original EPs!

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  • Multicast – Iron Feather Journal #17 [OBQ-02]

    Multicast - Iron Feather Journal #17In a collaboration between Iron Feather Journal and Obliq Recordings this joint release is a 3 track Multicast EP and 40+ page Journal. The journal is packed pull of music information including exclusive interviews with Obliq Recordings, Atom Heart, Robert Anton Wilson, plus others! Interesting articles including the Hacking for Y2K guide, fiction from Mandrake Press, DIY Lawnmover Generator and many more. The Multicast EP includes an exclusive remix of Equivii by m-tec of Pitchcadet Records.

    Released in 1999, 1,000 10″ records with Iron Feather Journal #17 magazine included.  Limited number on gray vinyl. 

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  • Multicast Debug EP [OBQ-01]

    Multicast EPFeatures 4 tracks including an exclusive remix from Amber Industries International Records artist Accelera Deck. Covers were hand numbered and silk-screened on various colored paper stock. Also released was a video to Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms.

    Released in 1998 in a hand silk screened limited edition run of 500 12″.

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  • Multicast & Freq Modif on Choonz & Warez

    Iron Feather Journal - Choonz & WarezThe Iron Feather Journal’s 16th issue was a double CD-R multimedia set chock-full-o’ warez, codez, nfoz, choonz, etc. Obliq Recordings was represented by Multicast’s Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms and Freq Modif’s Polymer Girl (Freq Modif 2). For more information or for ordering information contact Global Goodies. Here is their blurb:
    36 Tracks and 230 megs of phun! featuring: The Black Dog, Charles Uzzell Edwards, pH10, Agent Babylon, Aba Structure, The Vandal, 69Valentine, TerboTed, Prince Charming, D.M.S.O., Deadly Buda, Devslashnull, Scat, Multicast, Spoon Wizard, Hell’s Half Acre, P.O.W. and more!! The CD-ROM portion contains hundreds of samples, drum loops, MIDI files, graphix and underground resources…
    Play Multicast – Hall of the Inverted Mushrooms
    Play Freq Modif 2 – Polymer Girl (Live)

  • Obliq Recordings Compilation [OBQ-00]

    Obliq Recordings Compilation“Experimental ambient electro.” Compilation of Obliq Recordings artists with guests from Radiovalve.com and Application Specific Records. The CDs were individually numbered with hand silk screened, glow in the dark covers.

    Released in 1998.  Limited Edition 500 Hand Crafted CDs. 

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  • Multicast soundtrack in Persistence of Division

    Persistence of Division is a visceral, experimental noir film exploring the emotional landscape of broken love.  Kinotonik 16 mm feature length film.

  • Multicast – Wired Spaces [OBQ-13]

    Multicast - Wired SpacesThis original Multicast demo from 1995-6 was issued in three iterations (with different tracks spanning the releases) all of which tracks are included in this web-only release. Some of these tracks were released on other future releases; but some have been locked in the archive and are only now again seeing daylight!

    There have been a lot of requests from our fans to re-release this album and we never wanted to do it with a physical release; but it seems appropriate to release this digitally.

    To our fans…Thanks for all your support over the years!  Originally 50 CDr copies made.

    Play Download HD 320K

  • Multicast soundtrack in Kinotonik’s Mallsoleum

    Kinotonik's MallsoleumThis is a short black and white film that features actor Dave Creadeau of the band Society.Burning and music of the band Redonjon. The music throught the film is full of dense atmosphere that haunts you as you follow Dave through the abandoned mall. As the film goes on the music becomes more and more rythmic, which is diametrically opposed to the environment that Dave explores. The whole atmosphere is haunting and dark. It seems to explore the fall of society through its creation of buildings. The use of dismal space aid in the environments’ potrayal. Altogether this is an innovative look at a subject that is very cliche. As this is limited in copies, many of you might not view this, and that is disappointing. This is worth checking out for its take on the fall of mankind through commercialization and the haunting soundtrack that accentuates the mood perfectly.
    — CULTURE SHOCK magazine, transmission 01.97