• Obliq Service Center – Fixing Elektron gear

    Nathan and Jahnavi stopped by and we replaced broken potentiometers on our Elektron MachineDrums and MonoMachines! It was a great evening when we got everything working again!

    Elektron Repair Party

    Here are the basic repair instructions that inspired us to do this ourselves…although we found there wasn’t much of a need to take apart the encoders if you get all the solder with a good solder sucker and wick.

    MD UI Board
    MD UI Board Back
    MM Uncovered
    MM Uncovered
    MM Uncovered

    Check out Nate & Jahnavi’s photos of the session!

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    • Hey guys.
      I’d like to get in touch with you about partnering on an event involving surround sound and video at the Boedecker Theater in The Dairy Center for the Arts. Please email me or call 303-522-6901.
      The event is called Quest and it is on September 24.

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