• Multicast remixed on American Breakbeat 2

    American Breakbeat RebuiltThe Rebuilt-project: musicians from 33 countries remixed the tracks of American Breakbeat. In comparison, American Breakbeat Rebuilt is much more pop, but Klangkrieg would not be Klangkrieg, if we have not recruited musical border crossers for such a mammoth project… at the end listeners will experience a kind of ‘re-hearing’ with many old acquaintances and some surprising new discoveries. Already when we have worked on American Breakbeat, we could not find anything ‘typically American’. Referring to Rebuilt, it´s very obvious, that finally no stereotype grasps anymore. Electronic music thus proves to be an international code escaping all categories. But — really — who of us needs categories? Although American Breakbeat – Rebuilt is kind of conceptional, it first of all promises an unique pleasure for your ears. The two CDs remain floating, while the connection is made between clicks & cuts via really nice electric pop to break core and noisy drones.” Remixes by: ES, Borko, Leafcutter John, Ultra Milkmaids, Pastacas, Xploding Plastix, Donnacha Costello, Random Logic, Andreas Tilliander, Belgradeyard Sound System, Ambidextrous, Sonic Dragolgo, Slepcy, Miraq, Chris Wood, Ford Proco, Desertstorm Breakcore Squad, Goem, Rosy Parlane, Fibla, Pimmon, Intricate, Kubik, Epy, Somatic Responses, Com.a, Noize Creator, Panacea, Andrea Benedetti, Mambotur, Ruzina Frankulin, Ammo, Insumsion, Vultures. The original artists being remixed include Kid 606, Matmos, Cex, Electric Company, Marumari, many others.

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