• Obliq aritsts on Pete Namlook tribute album.

    Four (4) *NEW* Multicast tracks (under Obliq Recordings side projects guises Replicast, Ted Sturgeon and Freq Modif) are featured on the late Pete Namlook tribute Die Welt ist Klang on Carpe Sonum Records!  We are honored to be a part of this tribute to one of the pioneers of electronic music along with 30+ other great artists!

    Here are the individual tracks:

    Ted Sturgeon – Sea Foam Green

    Freq Modif – Spy Hunter

    Replicast (Multicast) – Gurrr

    Multicast – Lowrider in Cairo

  • Multicast on Sleeping Pills OST

    Back over 10 years ago a local movie company Kinotonik produced this awesome 35mm underground film Sleeping Pills.  Featured in the soundtrack are several Obliq Recordings tunes.  The movie’s Director Michael Lauter has decided to put a REDUX version out on HD Bluray format!

    This is an Indiegogo funding project, so jump out there and support it! One neat thing about this movie is it was filmed in many unique Colorado architectural facilities that have since been destroyed! This film is preserving these interesting Colorado relics!

    Looking forward to finally having a copy of this great movie to watch again and hearing our music on a Bluray HD movie!

  • Obliq New and Re-releases with bonus tracks


    Happy New Year!

    In celebration I recently posted about 100 free tunes on Bandcamp.com. A great site; these are free so preview them and download anything that you like! And tell your friends! Many of our older albums have been stacked with rare and unreleased material. The newest album is a collaboration with the great Denver band Equulei. Multicast and Freq Modif are represented here.  Look forward to more releases in 2014!









  • Picketwire Canyonlands meets Multicast

    Had a fun trip with the Delockroys and my family to the Picketwire Canyonlands south and west of La Junta, Colorado. We signed up for the US Forest Service’s new Guided Auto Tour which is an alternative to the 5+ mile hike in the heat of South-Central Colorado! This was very near the old Santa Fe Trail and features a bunch of history; old and “new”. The USFS employee was very knowledgeable in the Geology and History of the area including many legends and stories! I was a little bummed that we didn’t see the Petroglyphs that were advertised all over the brochures; those were along the trail you hike in; but I guess there needs to be some incentive to get folks to hike the trail too! :)

    The main reason for the trip was to see the Jurassic dinosaur tracks–Brontosaurus and Allosaurus side-by-side! These are the longest tracks by far in any Morrison formation and for sure the longest set anywhere in North America. There was some flooding in August that had not been cleaned up yet (not the terrible flooding we had along the Front Range in September) but it still was fantastic. Normally the Purgatoire River is a trickle and you don’t get your feed wet; that wasn’t the case as you’ll see this trip! Colorado has had a much wetter summer than in the past decade this year!

    The video says it all; enjoy! Feel free to comment on YouTube or this blog posting if you have any questions! Oh, and a shameless plug; my band Multicast‘s song “Spitfire” is the soundtrack to the video. Enjoy!

  • Obliq artists submit tracks for Namlook Tribute

    Carpe Sonum RecordsFor those into contemporary electronic music you may have heard of the Fax +49-69/450464 label (and many sublabels) out of Germany, run by Pete Namlook. In the mid-90s I remember while working at the record store getting in new disks WEEKLY, yes weekly, and we’d sell many copies to faithful fans and electronic music connoisseurs alike! The music is great and the label was strong!

    The music was mostly in the “Ambient” style but there were many great releases that were dancefloor oriented, trance and experimental. What drew me to the Fax label, aside from the great music, was Pete Namlook’s analog synth collection and also all the old-school artists that he introduced to the contemporary scene by doing collaboration releases such as Klaus Schulze’s Dark Side of the Moog series, etc.

    Unfortunately Pete Namlook passed away recently and his world distributor, Ear/Rational Music out of Colorado, decided to put together a tribute release on the new label Carpe Sonum inspired by and dedicated to Namlook. The tribute release will be a mega-box set including tracks from existing alumni of the Fax label and also with fan tracks. The vinyl set is going to be killer! The fan track’s inclusion on the 3 CDs is chosen completely by fan vote!

    Our bands have several tracks submitted for the release and would love for you to vote for us. The track names and artists have been scrambled to focus the voters on the music rather than a popularity contest; and I can’t publically post our tracks here, but if you contact me I’ll forward the ones to be sure to vote “Love It!” on. :)

    Here are the rules of the Namlook Tribute. Here are the tracks to listen to and vote on.

    Hopefully we make the cut!!!   Thanks for your vote!

    UPDATE:  We went through every track, here were our personal favorites:

    • esbrakoi, irblotso, jinnubot, plemmith
    • archibrot, bijorsti, demyalip, graklopy, gozbilto, graklopy

    Fax +49-69/450464

  • Multicast – Sea-Foam Green – New Track!!

    After most of the winter hiatus, Multicast is back! This time with a track to lull you into a trance…or simply to sleep! Sea-foam Green is about the seashore experience; I’m sure you’ve all been there and done that! Sitting on the shore listening to the waves unravels everything inside of you and brings out the relaxation in any of us. This track is a metaphor for this feeling…the lapping patterns of the waves making peaceful sea-foam.

    Please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive while listening to this track. You’ve been warned!

  • Free Tunes @ obliq.net !!!

    That’s for visiting. Obliq Recordings has been around since 1996 and we have many albums and compilations available on this site for you to freely download and enjoy! To help you out, if new to Obliq, Multicast is the flagship band with Replicast a more experimental outing. Freq Modif, Crix Madine and Ted Sturgeon are side projects of Multicast.
    Free Tunes and Releases are in the Free Tunes menu available at the top of the website.
    Try these releases for starters:
    Multicast – Grrrr Video on Youtube
    Multicast – Spirituality Through Technology Download MP3s or Stream Audio
    Multicast – On the Backs of Soldiers (with Regis University Department of War History and Aurora History Museum)
    Multicast’s Classic Album “Rural Sessions” Download MP3s or Stream Audio

  • Multicast Show – Digital Nature 2010 – Denver Botanical Gardens

    Please join us for a wonderful evening at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Multicast will be doing a set plus video projections on Thursday Night September 23, 2010.

    Digital Nature 2010 - Kurt Bauer poster

    Multicast performs in Digital Nature 2010

    Multicast @ Digital Nature 2010 - Denver Botanical Gardens

    Multicast's Jefferson and Dave at Digital Nature 2010

  • Multicast’s “Bahian Coastal Hwy.” on display at The Children’s Hospital

    Multicast - Bahian Coastal Hwy.Multicast’s limited edition record is currently on display at The Children’s Hospital Hamilton Gallery.  You can download and/or listen to record via these links:

    Multicast – Bahian Coastal Hwy.  Preview of upcoming Carpe Sonum release!

    Here is another Multicast release that is a cumulation of all our albums.

    Multicast – Spirituality Thru Technology.  192 MP3s

    Multicast – Spirituality Thru Technology.  (high quality) 320 MP3s
    Feel free to browse through our entire catalog clicking the “Free Tunes” link above.  Another great release is the On the Backs of Soldiers soundtrack to war verteran’s stories done in conjunction with the Regis Department of War History and the Aurora History Museum.

  • Multicast Live 2010 June 9 @ Gorinto: Adventures in Modern Music

    Multicast - June 9, 2010 - Mercury Cafe
    Gorinto: Adventures in Modern Music

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 7:00pm
    Mercury Cafe 2199 California Street Denver, CO

    $5 Doors, $5 Dinner

    Musical Sound Vibrations Provided By:
    Dave&Charles (Replicast Members!)
    Dreaming Machines

    Live Electronic Visual Stimuli Provided By: Nate Wheeler and The Eye-Stealing Tsuji
    Live Vinyl DJing!!

    Love to see you on Wednesday night!